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Support - Online Help and Forum
Get help or share your comments in the forum with other WebQuiz users!
Support - Online Help and Forum
Have a question? Share it!
Do you have a question? Or maybe would you like to share your quizzes and tests? You can use the following forum to post your questions, requests and, why not, your tests and quizzes. If you have any doubts about using WebQuiz XP, you can check its on-line help as a reference.
On-Line Help

Even if it is very easy and straightforward to use, WebQuiz XP is also provided with an extensive help system. Here you can find the on-line version of the help: click here to view it. If you download the WebQuiz XP trial version, you can view the off-line help.
On-Line Forum

This forum is intended to provide general support information and exchange opinions among WebQuiz XP users. Messages are not immediately posted, but first approved by a moderator. You can post links to your web quizzes as well as links to your downloadable quiz files. You are invited to take part in discussions and join the community!
If you have other requirements or special questions, please contact us directly.

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Time outFatihAug 24 '10, 07:51
Re: Time outAndreaP (SmartLite)Aug 24 '10, 08:01
Web InterfaceZab BiasonAug 18 '10, 07:51
Re: Web InterfaceAndreaP (SmartLite)Aug 18 '10, 07:56
Certificate Production - Default DateAndy HoustounAug 18 '10, 07:09
Re: Certificate Production - Default DateAndreaP (SmartLite)Aug 18 '10, 07:16
Rights to distribute packaged quizzes for a profitRichard A. ChagnonAug 3 '09, 02:44
Re: Rights to distribute packaged ...AndreaP (SmartLite)Aug 3 '09, 02:56
Maximum access to quizAbiolaApr 14 '09, 01:18
Re: Maximum access to quizAndreaP (SmartLite)Apr 14 '09, 01:42
Retrieving password for the usersAbiolaApr 14 '09, 01:13
Re: Retrieving password for the usersAndreaP (SmartLite)Apr 14 '09, 01:17
UpgradeJohn SwagerMar 18 '09, 11:28
Re: UpgradeAndreaP (SmartLite)Mar 18 '09, 11:33
Names & emails disappearingHeather DingesMar 16 '09, 15:54
Re: Names & emails disappearingAndreaP (SmartLite)Mar 16 '09, 15:57
Format of Test PublishedCeCeMar 11 '09, 14:16
Re: Format of Test PublishedAndreaP (SmartLite)Mar 11 '09, 14:20
Importing Questions/AnswersTony JohnsonMar 2 '09, 14:34
Re: Importing Questions/AnswersAndreaP (SmartLite)Mar 2 '09, 14:36
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