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Information - Main Features
Information - Main Features
The Professional Solution
WebQuiz XP is the professional solution for creating on-line tests, quizzes, assessments and exams. Designed to allow you to build your tests in minutes, WebQuiz XP includes many features and it is very easy to use and quick to learn. Discover by yourself how WebQuiz XP can help you to create smart and effective tests in less time!
4 Easy Steps

Add questions, set options, preview quizzes, publish files: that's all. Just follow these four easy steps to build your on-line quizzes, tests and assessments quickly. Quizzes created with WebQuiz XP can be customized with several features and you can:

  • Choose a random number of questions from the database (e.g. 10 questions out of 100)
  • Set a random order for questions and answers
  • Set a time limit for the quiz and a different score for each question and answer
  • Show a custom evaluation at the end of the quiz
  • Show all questions in a single page or one question per page
  • Add pictures, graphs, mathematical equations and formulas to questions and answers
  • Request a username and/or a password to login to the quiz
  • Set users allowed to login to the quiz
  • Save answers and results to a Microsof Access database and export them
  • View answers with a real-time Web Administration Interface
  • Send by e-mail answers and custom messages
  • Publish your quizzes using the built-in FTP client
  • Generate custom PDF certificates on-the-fly (add-on)
  • Publish your quizzes with full SCORM support (add-on)
  • Enable SQL Server support for your quizzes (add-on, download the step-by-step tutorial)
  • Categorize questions into topics (add-on)
  • Get FREE unlimited webspace at http://www.webquiz.it for your quizzes
  • And much more!
WebQuiz XP supports five question types: multiple choice, multiple answer, true / false, fill-in-the-blank (text, whole number, number, mixed), essay.
New Features

Advanced Options The latest version of WebQuiz adds many new and improved features: now WebQuiz XP allows you to create fully interactive quizzes and tests. Answers and results can be saved to a database and reviewed later through the new Web Administration Interface. The author can also choose to send confirmation e-mails and to receive notification e-mails each time a user takes a quiz.

Questions can be entered by using the built-in editor or directly in HTML code, allowing you to add any external objects (sounds, Flash movies, java applications, etc.). WebQuiz XP supports timed tests, surveys and questions with no right answers, assigning a different score to each answer. Quizzes can be imported from TXT files and exported to RTF files so that you can print them on paper. Click here for a detailed list of new features and improvements.
Professional Templates & Seamless Integration

Professional Templates

WebQuiz XP allows you to customize the graphical layout of your quizzes and tests. With just a mouse click you can choose one of the available templates and, after applying it, the quiz will be immediately changed with the new settings. ASP quizzes, instead, come with complete source code, so you can edit them according to your needs (for example, you can add logos, change texts, pictures and layout, etc.). SmartLite can also create custom templates built specifically for your website or your project.

Answers given by test takers can be collected and saved to a database; this way, you can use this database to interact with the program. For example, if you have a web training course, you can link a WebQuiz assessment file directly from your pages, users take the test and then you can check their scores in the database.

Full SCORM Support

SCORM Options NewWith the new SCORM Xtension add-on, available separately, you can create fully compliant SCORM quizzes. WebQuiz XP supports both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 1.3 (2004) versions. SCORM quizzes can be used in any Learning Management System (LMS) supporting SCORM, both on-line and off-line (e.g. CD-ROMs), and can be automatically packaged into ZIP archives.

SCORM quizzes can calculate the score both in points and percent, as well as the total time taken by users. All this information is reported back to the LMS, together with the assessment status (passed / not passed) and evaluation. You can show custom feedback to users.

With this add-on you can also choose to publish javascript quizzes without SCORM support, with the same look and feel as ASP quizzes (e.g. for CD-ROMs). Click here to download a sample SCORM 1.2 package created with the WebQuiz XP SCORM Xtension or view it on-line.
Custom PDF Certificates

Custom PDF Certificates

NewWith the new PDF Certificate Management add-on, available separately, you can automatically generate a custom PDF certificate as soon as a user gets a certain score in your quizzes. For example, you could generate a certificate if test takers answer correctly to all questions or get a score greater than the passing value.

You can use the default certificate provided by WebQuiz XP, or you can design your own custom certificates using any word processing or graphics program (e.g. Microsoft Word®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Corel Draw®, etc.). Just add text, images, logos to make your certificates live!

The certificate can be automatically e-mailed to the user, or he/she can print it as soon as the test is finished.

Robust SQL Server Support

NewThe Web Administration Interface Plus add-on is now also available with full support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher. This new add-on, in addition to SQL Server support, also allows you to create and manage quizzes directly on-line, without the need for the Windows client application. Once installed, you can start creating new quizzes from scratch using your browser only. Questions can also be categorized into topics and you can extract, for example, 2 questions from topic A, 3 questions from topic B, etc.

SQL Server support provides a more robust interface for all your assessment needs, and allows virtually unlimited concurrent users taking quizzes at the same time. All results are immediately available in real-time to quiz administrators and authors.

This add-on is highly recommended for all organizations demanding best performances and security. Click here to download the User Manual.
Download and print the TUTORIAL!
Microsoft SQL Server Support

WebQuiz XP requires a personal computer with Windows 95 or higher. If you want to publish your quizzes on the Internet, you need an account with a hosting provider. WebQuiz XP can create both javascript quizzes (.js) and ASP quizzes (.asp). Advanced features are available with ASP quizzes only. To run ASP quizzes and the Web Administration Interface you need a Windows web server (Microsoft Internet Information Server); your hosting provider should also support MDB databases and the FileSystemObject. If you want to use reminders, the Web Administration Interface Plus also requires the capability to call an ASP page daily and automatically. If you want to use WebQuiz XP in a network, you need a Windows server (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008). If you want to use the PDF Certificate Management add-on, then your Windows server should support the MSXMLHTTP (WinHTTP) component and should be allowed to access the Internet in order to generate the certificates (most Windows servers support that, unless disabled intentionally). If you want to use the SQL Server add-on, then you need to have Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2005; we can also provide special pre-configured SQL accounts on our servers.

If you have any questions, refer to your administrator, provider or contact SmartLite. If you do not want to manually setup options, SmartLite can provide pre-configured accounts to host your quizzes and assessments.
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