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Information - Custom Services
Discover our wide range of custom services and personal development solutions.
Information - Custom Services
What can we do for you?
SmartLite can help you with your project needs. We can provide custom accounts on our webserver so that you can get started in no time; we can develop a personal design for your assessments so that you can integrate them into your website; or we can offer full software development services, both for on-line and off-line applications.
Custom Setup and Configuration

WebQuiz XP comes with a complete, real-time Web Administration Interface; before using it, you must install and configure all the files and permissions on your website. WebQuiz help file includes all the information you need to get started and describes in detail the steps required to configure it. However, if you cannot do it by yourself or you want to start creating quizzes right away, SmartLite can help and assist you to setup the Web Administration Interface on your website. Before requesting this service, please be sure that your webserver (or your hosting provider's) supports the following requirements. For more information contact us; see the price list for price information.
Custom Accounts and Quiz Hosting

If you want to get started quickly without worrying about server setup, configuration and compatibility or if your webserver (or your hosting provider's) does not support basic WebQuiz requirements (for example, if you have a Linux or Unix webserver), SmartLite can provide pre-configured accounts to host your quizzes and tests. With this low-cost service, you get a personal account on our http://www.mywebquiz.com server (e.g. http://www.mywebquiz.com/myaccount) and you can upload your files using any FTP software or, more easily, the FTP client already included in WebQuiz XP. For more information please contact us; see the price list for price information.

SmartLite has also recently released a new product for on-line testing, eWebTest. It's offered as an hosted service, so you don't need to configure anything to get started. Take a look at http://www.ewebtest.com and activate your account in real-time.
Custom Development

WebQuiz XP allows you to customize the graphical layout of your quizzes and comes with complete ASP source code for them. If you need a custom template professionally developed or integrated into your website / project, SmartLite can help you. Our experienced designers and programmers will understand your needs and create a personal solution for you.

SmartLite can also offer a complete software development service for e-learning, testing, assessment and training websites, CD-ROMs or stand-alone applications. For more information please contact us.
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