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Download - Frequently Asked Questions
If you need help before downloading a trial version, read our FAQ.
Download - Frequently Asked Questions
Can we help you?
If you want to download a trial version of our products but you have a question first, please check the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If your question is not answered here or if you have additional questions, please contact us directly.


  • I can download the trial version from this website: what is exactly the trial version of WebQuiz XP and which are its limits?

    The trial version is a special version of WebQuiz XP which allows you to try out the product before purchasing it. The trial version is the same as the full edition, but it has the following limits: it contains only 3 graphic templates (the full version comes with 10 templates), it expires 15 days after your installation date, each test can contain max 5 questions (999 in the full edition), the real-time Web Administration Interface is not included and you cannot publish your quizzes to http://www.webquiz.it. Top

  • What do I need to run WebQuiz XP on my PC?

    WebQuiz XP requires Windows 95 or higher. If you want to create advanced tests and assessments, you also need a Microsoft Windows Web Server (for example, Microsoft Internet Information Server or Personal WebServer). Please see the product requirements for more information. Top

  • How can I download and install the trial version of WebQuiz XP?

    You can download the trial version of WebQuiz XP simply by filling in this form: then just follow the on-screen instructions to continue. After downloading the file, run SETUP.EXE to start the installation. Top

  • If I decide to purchase the full product after trying the trial version, can I use the quizzes already created or do I have to enter the questions again?

    Once you purchase the full product, you can use the quizzes and questions already created, even without editing them. Just open them in the full product and use them as usual. Top

  • Can I distribute the trial version to my colleagues and friends so that they can try it too? Can I include it in CD-ROMs?

    Of course! The trial version of WebQuiz XP can be freely shared and distributed. If you want to include it in a widespread CD-ROM (500 or more copies), we would appreciate if you could send us an email to let us know. Top

  • Can I publish to my website the quizzes, tests and assessments created with the trial version of WebQuiz XP?

    If you are using the trial version you cannot publish your quizzes, tests and assessments to your website, and/or network. Although the trial version has no such limits, you need to purchase the full version of WebQuiz XP to publish your files. The trial version can be used for evaluation purposes only. Top
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